Typical session


We start the session with registration time, where children answer to their names and we talk about what the children would like to do based around the theme of the week.

Our themes are planned half termly in advance and parents are given an information sheet at the start of each half term. Each theme runs for a week, maybe two. Examples are; The Family, Living Things, Water, The Seasons, Festivals etc.

Morning activity

During the morning there will be a creative activity related to the current theme.  Also on offer during this time will be other activities that the children will have free choice and access to.

Part way through the session we encourage the children to help in tidying up all the toys. This prepares them for keeping their belongings tidy at school, caring for our environment and thought for others.  We often then have story time.  Then the children wash their hands ready for their snack.

Snack time

Children will be offered milk or water. The snack consists of seasonally available fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread or toast, rice cakes and bread sticks or plain biscuits. Where possible, we are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements of your child.  During snack time staff sit at the tables with the children and is an important social time for all.

Outside play

Following snack we encourage children to put on a waterproof suit or coat and boots for outside play. We go out in most weathers, so ask you to provide a warm coat, hat and mittens for winter and a sun-hat and sunscreen for summer.

We have a safe and secure outside area and we use this area to teach in as well as for providing physical exercise.  Children are able to dig and grow vegetables and flowers in the tubs and beds provided.  They are able to build with large construction sets, dig in the sandpit making pies and castles, pour and scoop water, play chasing games, ball games, ride on trikes and balance bikes and chalk patterns on tarmac.  Outside play is an important time for children, which they look forward to.

We generally end the session inside with singing or action rhymes so that the children are grouped together when parents arrive.